Oregon Video Maps cover all of Oregon -- Chose which area you want or Click Picture to view trailer
Oregon Video Map #1:  Visit over 40 towns, including 2 ghost towns, 2 forts, a shipwreck, wildlife, a few parks, a lake, and a waterfall:  Everything of interest in Oregon’s top Northwest corner.  Each place is shown on the map.  105 Minutes -- 1992      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Oregon Video Map #2:  See everything of interest in Oregon’s lower Northwest corner.  Ride an electric trolly and an antique dinner train.  Look at an antique tractor and logging collection.  Visit Oregon’s best beaches and tour the cheese plant at Tillamook.  See rivers, lakes, and parks as they are pointed out on an Oregon map.  112 Minutes -- 1993      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Oregon Video Map #3:  Go from the valley of Portland to Mt. Hood and on through the desert around The Dalles.  See the Columbia Gorge and it’s waterfalls, a couple of wagon trains, skiing, and ghost towns in Northwest Central Oregon.  104 Minutes -- 1993      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Oregon Video Map #4: Tour all of North Central Oregon from Redmond and Mitchell to the Columbia River.  Watch the “Shaniko Shootout” and visit 13 other ghost towns, abandoned mines, parks, and rock formations plus 25 towns.  118 Minutes -- 1993      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Oregon Video Map #5:  See all of Northeast Oregon including Baker, Pendleton, Picture Gorge, parks, 25 ghost towns, lakes, rivers, and everything of interest in this corner of our state.  109 Minutes -- 2002      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Oregon Video Map #6:  Visit 68 towns and 20 ghost towns plus some unusual sights such as the Hole-in-the-ground, Crack-in-the-ground, Devil’s Garden, and Leslie Gulch.  Also, there’s a geyser, hot springs, lava caves, and wildlife in the Southeast corner of Oregon.  Travel 3,000 miles in only 2 hours.  115 Minutes -- 2003      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Oregon Video Map #7:  Visit every town and place of interest in the North Willamette Valley.  From Portland and it’s Oregon Zoo, Rose Garden, OMSI, and Chinatown to Lebanon and West to Newport; then East to Sisters.  From the coast to the mountains, we’ll see the signts around Salem, the capitol city, Monitor with it’s Tulip Festival, and even a couple of ghost towns.  114 Minutes -- 2004      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Oregon Video Map #8:  See every town, many lakes, and places of interest in Midwest Oregon.  We’ll start in the coast city of Newport, where we’ll visit the Undersea Gardens, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  Then a trip back to Corvallis and Florence, where we’ll see the Rhododendron Festival; then a lava house, waterfalls, and many lakes near Bend.  There are a couple of miniature railroads, a few ghost towns, and last:  we’ll go through Reedsport, Roseburg, and the West side of Crater Lake.  114 Minutes -- 2007      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Oregon Video Map #9:  Tour all of Southwest Oregon.  We’ll start at Crater Lake’s East Rim Drive, and then see Winston’s Wildlife Safari, and Noah’s Ark.  Then on to Coos Bay and all it’s beaches and parks; along with everything on the South  to Crescent City, California, Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland, and back across the mountains to Keno (by Klamath Falls, Oregon) plus everything else in between.  116 Minutes -- 2007      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Watch all these videos for free on the internet at http://www.dailymotion.com/danholtvideo or youtube.com/users/danholtvideo and click on “Videos”