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Ghost Towns of Oregon #1:  A video trip through Bohemia, Gunter, Sparta, and Cornucopia, Oregon.  Cuprum and Landore, Idaho; Homestead, Whitney, Sumpter, Granite, Susanville, Galena, Hamilton, Hardman, Lonerock, Richmond, Antelope, Shaniko, and Ashwood, Oregon.  Approximately half of the footage is of the beautiful rock formations, streams, and scenery that Oregon has to offer near these old deserted towns.  109 Minutes -- 1988      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Ghost Towns of Oregon #2:  A video Journey to the most remote hard-to-find ghost towns in this area:  Frankfort, Altoona, and Vader, Washington; Lost Prarie, Flora, Paradise, Mayville, Kent, Blitzen, Danner, Mormon Basin, and Rye Valley, Oregon.  Also, DeLamar, and Silver City, Idaho.  Additional interesting places included are:  Ft. Rock, Hole-in-the-ground, Old Perpetual Geyser, Fields, Joseph, Steens Mountains, Alvord Desert, Jordan Valley, Leslie Gulch, Oregon Trail, Frenchglen, and Pete French’s Round Barn.  109 Minutes -- 1989      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Ghost Towns of the Mother Lode:  A guided tour through Eastern California and Western Nevada’s Ghost Towns:  Sierra City, Downieville, Comptonville, Nevada City, Auburn, Pilot Hill, Colma, Diamond Springs, ElDorado, Plymouth, Amador City, Sutter Creek, Volcano, Jackson, Butte, Mokelumne Hill, Angel’s Camp, Columbia, Sonora, Jamestown, Chinese Camp, Big Oak Flat, Yosemite Park, Bodie, Darwin, Ballarat, Death Valley, Scottie’s Castle, California.  Then, Rhyolite, Gold Point, Goldfield, Belmont, Manhattan, Austin, Gold Hill, and Virginia City, Nevada.  98 Minutes --1991      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Ghost Towns of Idaho and Montana:  Visit DeLamar, Silver City, Idaho City, Centerville, Placerville, Pioneerville, Lowman, Sunbeam, Bonanza, Custer, Bayhorse, Tendoy, Leadore, Gilmore, Humphry, Wallace, and Burke, Idaho.  Then in Montana see:  Monida, Bannack, Nevada City, Virginia City, Pony, Mammoth, Elkhorn, Townsend, Lennep, Castle, Maiden, Giltedge, Kendall, Landusky, Zortman, (Great Falls, Helena, Butte, Missoula), Marysville, Rimni, Clancy, Jefferson City, Wickes, Boulder, Comet, Basin, Drummond, Gold Creek, Garnet, Superior, Pardee, and Keystone.  69 Minutes -- 2005      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Ghost Towns of Arizona and Southern California:  Come along on a video trip to several of Arizona’s best ghost towns along with another visit to Calico, Tropico, and a few other Southern California ghost towns.  Travel along with us on the historic Route 66.  Enjoy the spectacular cactus and Joshua Tree scenery that is native to this area.  72 Minutes -- 2007      DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Calico, California:  This is an old ghost town that was restored by Walter Knott--the same man who restored Knott’s Berry Farm.  A fun place to visit in Southern California near Barstow.  See and go inside a few old buildings and ride the train.  11 Minutes -- 1995      VHS or DVD $9.95 ppd.
Peoria, Oregon: What happened to cause this once-bustling town of 700+ people to become the near ghost town that it is today?  A visit with some of the natives answers our question.  A trip through decaying buildings.  Also, hear a couple of Southern Gospel Songs by the local Knox Brothers.  18 Minutes -- 1991      VHS or DVD - $9.95 ppd.
The Road to Izee:  Come along on an interesting trip through central Oregon.  Travel East from Prineville, Oregon to Izee, Oregon:  a small ghost town in Central Oregon (Post, Paulina, and Suplee are on the way along with Oregon desert scenery).  9 Minutes -- 1996      VHS or DVD - $8.00 each ppd.