Come along for a complete tour of all of Southeast Oregon. We've tried not to miss any town or ghost town, or any scenic spot or place of interest in over 3,000 miles of travel.
See:  Ontario, Nyssa, Owyhee, Snively Hot Springs, Lake Owyhee State Park, Adrian, Succor Creek Recreation Area, Leslie Gulch, Rockville, Malloy Ranch, Sheaville, Jordan Valley, The Ghost Towns of DeLamar and Silver City, Idaho; Three Forks, Owyhee Overlook, Cow Lakes, Danner, the grave of Sacajawea's son, Arock, Rome, Burns Junction, Basque, McDermitt, Whitehorse Ranch, Tum Tum Lake, Denio, Nevada; Fields, Alvord Lake, Andrews, Alvord Desert, Alvord Hot Springs, Alvord Ranch, Follyfarm, Cord, Crowley, Skull Springs, Coyote Wells, Harper, Westfall, Little Valley, Hope, Vale, Juntura, Chucker Park, Beulah, Beulah Reservoir, Riverside, Venator, Malheur Cave, Princeton, the Round Barn, Barton Lake, Coontown, Happy Valley, Diamond, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Diamond Lava Fields, Crane, Lawen, Hines, Burns, Harney, Ft. Harney, Buchanan, Warm Springs Reservoir, Drewsey, Van, Silvies, Seneca, Canyon City, John Day, Logdell, Izee, Suplee, Paulina, Post, Eagle Rock, Prineville Reservoir, Held, GI Ranch, Suntex, Riley, Wagontire, Alkali Lake, Lake Abert, Abert Rim, Valley Falls, Lakeview and it's geyser, Goose Lake, New Pine Creek, Ft. Bidwell CA, Warner Lake, Adel, Charles Sheldon Antelope Range, Plush, Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge Headquarters, the ghost town Blitzen, Roaring Springs Ranch, Steins Mountain, Frenchglen, Harney Lake, Narrows, Voltage, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters, Malheur Lake, Hampton, Brothers, Millican, the Prehistoric River, Alfalfa, Deschutes, Bend, Boyd Cave, Skeleton Cave, Arnold Ice Cave, The High Desert Museum, Lava Lands Visitor Center, Lava River Cave, Sun River, Lava Cast Forest, LaPine State Recreation Area, Paulina Lake, East Lake, Red Hill, China Hat, South Ice Cave, LaPine, Big Hole, Hole-in-the-Ground, Fremont, Fort Rock, Fort Rock State Monument, Devil's Garden, Big Juniper, Derrick Cave, Derrick Ranch, Crack-in-the-Ground, Fossil Lake, Sand Dunes, Lost Forest, Christmas Valley, Table Rock, Silver Lake, the town of Silver Lake, the town of Summer Lake, Summer Lake and its Hot Springs, Paisley, Ana Reservoir, Gilchrist, Crescent, Chemult, Beaver Marsh, Diamond Lake Jct., Sand Creek, Klamath Marsh, Fuego, Kirk, Collier State Park and Logging Museum, Chiloquin, Braymill, Sprague River, KIa Mo Ya Casino, Lobert, Modoc Point, Upper Klamath Lake, Algoma, Klamath Falls, Midland, Worden, Lower Klamath Wildlife Reserve, Merrill, Lava Beds National Monument and Petroglyphs, Malin, Olene, Dairy, the ghost town of Hildebrand, Bonanza, Lorella, Langell Valley, Beatty, Bly, Quartz Mountain, Drews Reservoir, Booth Park, Westside, Five Points, and back to Lakeview.
Run Time: I Hour, 55 Minutes                                               2003
DVD or VHS Tape:  $15.00 ppd.