Come tour Northeast Oregon and see what each town, park, rock formation, and place of interest looks like. Also view the map for locations.
See:  Klondike, Webfoot, McDonald, Rock Creek, Mikkalo, Clem, Gwendolen, Olex, Arlington, Blalock, Quinton, LePage Park (Lake Umatilla), Stonehenge, Heppner, Ruggs, Ghost Towns of: Eightmile, Lonerock, and Hardman; Spray, Kimberly, Monument, Hamilton, Court Rock area, Long Creek, John Day Fossil Beds, Picture Gorge, Dayville, Mt. Vernon, Ghost Town of Fox, Ritter, Dale, Ukiah, Ghost Town of Albee, Battle Mountain State Park, Nye, Pilot Rock, Vinson, Lena, Pine City, Echo, Stanfield, Hermiston, Power City, McNary Dam; Park; and Prison, Hat Rock State Park, Umatilla, Irrigon, Port of Morrow, Boardman, Holdman, Helix, Adams, Athena, Weston, Milton-Freewater, Walla Walla WN, Sunnyside, Umapine, Gibbon, Thorn Hollow, Cayuse, Mission and it's Indian resort, Pendleton, Rieth, McKay Reservoir, Tollgate, Sprout Springs Ski Area, Elgin, Minam, Ghost Towns of Maxville, Promise, and Powwatka; Wallowa, Lostine, Enterprise, Joseph, Wallowa Lake, Hells Canyon Overlook, Joseph Canyon Overlook, Ghost Towns of Appleton and Flora and Lost Prarie, Troy, Ghost Towns of: Eden, Paradise, Chico, Lewis, and Zumwalt; Imnaha, Ghost Towns of Homestead and Cuprum, Idaho; Copperfield, Pine, Halfway, Carson, Ghost Town of Cornucopia; Brownlee Reservoir, Richland, New Bridge, Ghost Town of Sparta; Keating, Pondosa, Medical Springs, Catherine Creek State Park, Union, Telocaset, Cove, Alicel, Imbler, Summerville, Emigrant Springs State Park, Meacham, Kamela, Hilgard, Hilgard Jct. State Park, Lehman Springs, Camp Elkenah, Starkey, Red Bridge State Park, Perry, La Grande, Island City, Hot Lake, North Powder, Haines, Rock Creek, Baker City and it's Oregon Trail Visitor's Center, Phillips Reservoir, McEwen, Sumpter, Bourne, Granite, Bridgeport, Malheur Reservoir, Brogan, Jamieson, Willow Creek, Vale, Pleasant Valley, Durkee, Rye Valley, Mormon Basin, Weatherby, Lime, Huntington, Farewell Bend State Park, Annex, Weiser, ID; Payette, ID; Payette Junction, Ontario, Cairo Junction, Bonita, Ironside, Unity, Unity Lake State Park, Hereford, Whitney, Greenhorn, Austin, Austin Junction, Ghost Towns of Susanville and Galena; Prarie City, and John Day.
RUN TIME:  109 Minutes                                                    2002
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