A complete tour of all of North Central Oregon. We've tried not to miss anything of interest in this part of Oregon. Each place we visit is pointed out on an Oregon map so you can find it too.
Come along and see 25 towns and parks as well as rock formations and other unusual sights along the way--including several Ghost Towns.
See: Redmond and it's Reindeer Ranch, Powell Butte, Ochoco Wayside, Prineville, Ochoco Reservoir, Brennan Palisades, Stein's Pillar; Reid, Amity, and Independent Mines (Including how to mine quicksilver), Walton Lake in the Ochoco National Forest, the Painted Hills, Mitchell, Ghost Towns of Twickenham and Richmond; Service Creek, Pioneer Park, Shelton Wayside, Fossil and it's antique auto museum, John Day Fossil Beds, Clarno, Antelope, Ghost Town of Shaniko during their annual "Shaniko Shootout", Willowdale, South Junction, Jersey, Kaskela, Ghost towns of Wilson Creek, Ashwood, Horse Heaven, Rajneesh Purham; Gateway, Madras, Metoilus, Culver, the Cove Palisades, Ghost Town of Grandview by Lake Chinook, Haystack Reservoir, Crooked River Canyon at Ogden Wayside, Terrebonne, Smith Rock Park, Prineville Junction, O'Neil, Ghost Towns of Lone Pine, Cross Keys, and Kent; Wilcox, Grass Valley, Rutledge, Boardman, Ghost Towns of Harmony, Klondike, Webfoot, and Monkland; Moro, DeMoss Park, Wasco, Biggs (Including a trip across the river to Sam Hill's Castle and Stonehenge at Maryhill, Washington), Rufus, John Day Dam, Locust Grove, Ajax, J. S. Burres Park, Condon and it's museum, Dyer Wayside and the Ghost Town of Mayville.
TIME:  1 Hour, 58 Minutes                                                 1992-93
DVD or VHS Tape:  $15.00 ppd.