#1.  Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Radiation Poisoning. Wheelchair, Drugs and Alcohol Deliverance.
   #2.  Roger Webb Revival.  Arthritis, Pain, “Diabetes, Asthma, Deaf and Blind Healed.
   #3.  Alyssa Storm’s Personal Testimony of Being Healed of Fibromyalgia.
   #4.  Dental Miracles, Vehicles Run Without Fuel, Translation Experience, God Leads Supernaturally.
   #5.  Bruce Arnold’s Testimony of Provision,  God’s Healing Power, The Stew that Didn’t Run Out.
   #6.  David Nash’s Missionary Trips (everyone in hospital ward healed and got to go home, etc.)
              (These DVD’s are all 28 Minutes  -- $15 each ppd.)  These Miracle DVD’s can also be seen
                on the web at youtube.com/user/danholtvideo
Cornerstone and Knox Brothers Live:  A live Southern Gospel Concert by 2 of Western Oregon’s best groups.  Recorded in historic Brownsville, Oregon.  90 Minutes -- 1991      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Cornerstone Live in Eugene:  “A Newborn Feeling”.  45 Minutes --1994      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
The Booher Family Live:  Lively fiddling at its best by America’s musical family of the year.  Whenever there was a local or national fiddling contest a few years ago, you would usually hear the name “Booher” taking first or second place.  62 Minutes -- 1991     VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Booher Family Reunion -- 2011:  The Booher kids and grandkids play and sing at the Booher Ranch in Yoncalla, Oregon.  83 Minutes -- 2011      DVD - $15.00 ppd.
The Trammels and Company:  Tom and Debbie Trammel sing several gospel songs at The Old Time Gospel Church, in Cottage Grove, Oregon.  48 Minutes -- 2010      DVD - $15.00 ppd.
The Arena Family:  From Salem, Oregon sing at Yoncalla Assembly of God Church.   45 Minutes --2011      DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Art and Wanda Peace:  From Oakland, Oregon sing at Yoncalla Assembly of God Church.  30 Minutes -- 2011      DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Harrisburg all-day Gospel Sing #1:  Visit the Harrisburg High School and listen to Lawrence Crook as he sings 6 songs; then the Jeffers, as they sing 9 gospel songs.  Cindy Peterson sings 1 song that she wrote; and last, the Messengers sing 12 songs.  2 Hours -- 1994      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Harrisburg all-day Gospel Sing #2:  Hear the Messengers sing 4 more songs, ending with “Step into the Water”; then Wings of Love sing 10 songs, starting with “His Name is Wonderful”.  Gospel Sound blends their voices to sing 9 songs, and the Kropf Family sings 4 songs starting with “What a Lovely Name”.  2 Hours -- 1994      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Harrisburg all-day Gospel Sing #3:  The Kropf Family sings 8 more songs ending with an emotional “Closer to You”.  Cornerstone sings “On the Wings of a Dove” plus 9 other songs.  Last, the Knox Brothers back up Fred Morgan as he sings “One Day at a Time”.  Then they sing 14 songs, ending with all the singing groups as they join together singing “Amazing Grace”.  2 Hours -- 1994      VHS or DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Glory Road Traveler:  Jerry Ott sings “Traveling up the Glory Road” with his group at Culp Creek, Oregon.  2007 -- 41 Minutes      DVD - $15.00 ppd.
Daybreak Quartet:  Sing at Westside Baptist Church, Eugene, OR, 2010.  50 Min. DVD -- $15.00 ppd.