Exploring Nevada #1 (Consists of Part 1 through 4)

Come along and see every town, ghost town, and place of interest in the entire state of Nevada.  The complete trip covers approximately 7,500 miles.

Part 1  (Northwest Nevada):  We'll start at Denio, then see Denio Junction, The Bog Hot Springs, Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, Vya, and Diessner.  Then we'll cross a dry alkali lake to Cedarville and Eagleville, California.  Then we'll see Nevada's Black Rock Desert, Gerlach, Empire, Pyramid Lake, Nixon, Sutcliffe, Pyramid (site) on the Paiute Indian Reservation, Flanigan, Bordertown, and Reno with it's  antique automobile museum.  Next, Sun Valley, Sparks, Lockwood, Mustang, Patrick, Painted Rock, Wadsworth, Fernley, Fernley Sink, Humbolt Sinks and Lake, Toulon, Lovelock, Vernon (ruins), Tunnel Camp (ghost town), Mazuma, Seven Troughs, Double O Mine, Barrell Springs, and Sulphur (ruins).  

Part 2  (North Central Nevada):  Next, we'll see the ghost town of Jungo and drive across an alkali flat to Winnemucca.  Then see some sand dunes on the way to Paradise Junction, and Paradise Valley.  Then Orovada, McDermitt, Puckerbrush, Tungsten, Mill City, the ghost towns of Unionville and Rochester, then Oreana, Rye Patch, Rye Patch Dam and Reservoir, Imlay, and Thunder Mountain.  Then on East to Golconda, Midas, Willow Creek Reservoir, Tuscarora, Jack Creek, Wilson Reservoir, Edgement, Rawhide Reservoir, White Rock (where we'll see some Mormon crickets), Sheep Creek Reservoir, Owyhee, Mountain City, Wildhorse Reservoir and State Recreation Area, North Fork, Charleston (ghost town), Jarbidge, and Murphy Hot Springs, Idaho.

Part 3  (Northeast Nevada):  Still in Idaho, we'll see Salmon Creek Reservoir and Rogerson, then back into Nevada where we'll go through Jackpot, Mineral Hot Springs, Contact, Wilkins, Wells,  Currie, Lages Station, Shellbourne, Cherry Creek, West Wendover, Wendover UT, Welcome, Deeth, Halleck, Arthur, Ruby Valley, Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Shantytown, South Ruby Campground, Hobson, Star Mine, Jiggs, Lee, South Fork Reservoir, Spring Creek, Lamoille, Lamoille Canyon, and Elko.  Then we'll see Ryndon, Dinner Station (where we'll see more Mormon crickets), Leeville, Carlin, Palisade, Shannon, Alpha, Tonkin, and an abandoned mine, Cortez, Gold Acres, the ghost town of Tenabo, Crescent Valley, Beowawe, Dunphy, Battle Mountain, Valmy, Copper Basin, Bannock, Copper Canyon and the abandoned Walters Ranch. 

Part 4  (Central Nevada):  Starting at Fernley, we'll go through Hazen, Fallon, Stillwater, Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, Harmon Junction, Grimes Point, Salt Wells, Sand Mountain, Sand Springs Pony Express Station, Frenchman, and Dixie Valley.  Next, we'll see Eastgate, Cold Springs Stagecoach Station, the Pony Express Trail, Telegraph Station Ruins, Cold Springs, Middlegate, Quartz Mountain, Gabbs, the Ghost Town of Berlin, and the Ichthyosaur State Park, where we'll see the fossils of ancient sea monsters.  Then, Ione, the O'Toole Ranch, the Yomba Shoshone Indian Reservation, Austin, Hickison Petroglyphs, Kingston, Carvers, Round Mountain, Hadley, and the Ghost Towns of Manhattan, Belmont, and Potts.  Last, we'll see Eureka, Strawberry, Buck Station, Illipah Reservoir, and the Ghost Town of Hamilton.  113 Minutes - 2009      DVD - $15.00 or $35.00 for set of 3


Exploring Nevada #2 (Consists of Part 5 through 8)

Come along and see the final journey through Nevada.  We'll see every town, ghost town, and place of interest in this part of the state.

Part 5 (East Central Nevada):  Ghost Towns of Hamilton, Eberhardt, Shermantown, and Green Springs, Duckwater, Currant, Lockes, Tonopah, Warm Springs, Tybo Junction, Tybo (Ghost Town), Lunar Crater, Nyala, Adaven, Cherry Creek Guard Station, Star Ranch, Forest Home, Deacon Campground on the Upper Dacey Reservoir, Sunnyside, Lund, Preston, Ely (with it's railroad museum), Ruth, Kimberly, McGill, East Ely, Comms Lake, Ward (with it's charcoal ovens), Major's Place, Osceola (Ghost Town), Baker (with it's archeological site),  Lehman Caves Shoshone, Minerva (Ghost Town), and the Oriole Mine.

Part 6 (Lake Tahoe Area):  Bordertown, Red Rock, Stead, Golden Valley, Raleigh Heights, Reno, Mogul, East Verdi, Verdi, Boomtown, Truckee (California), Tahoe City, Cedar Flat, Carnelian Bay, Tahoe Vista, Kings Beach, and Brockway (California).
Then back into Nevada we see Crystal Bay, Incline Villiage, Sand Harbor, Glenbrook, Galilee, Cave Rock, Zephyr Cove, Stateline.  Then South Lake Tahoe and Heavenly Ski Area (California).  Back into Nevada again:  Kingsbury, Daggett Summit, Mottsville, Sheridan, Genoa, Minden, Gardnerville, Dresslerville, Centerville, Holbrook, Albite, Wellington, Smith, Sulphur, Sweetwater Ranch, Sonoma (site), Ghost Towns of:  Fletcher, Del Monte, and Aurora. Ending in California we'll see:  Cray Mill, Syndicate Mill, Ghost Town of Bodie, Mono Lake, Lee Vining, Benton Hot Springs, and Benton.

Part 7 (West Central Nevada): Starts with the Ghost Towns of:  Mt. Montgomery, Basalt, Coaldale, and Blair. Then Silver Peak, Alkali, Columbus Salt Marsh.  Then more Ghost Towns:  Candelaria, Belleville, Marietta, Tonopah Junction, Rhodes, and Sodaville.  Then Mina, Luning, Hawthorne, Lucky Boy Mine, Babbitt, Walker Lake, the town of Walker Lake, Sportsman's Beach, Schurz, Yerington, Weed Heights, Mason, Nordyke, Pine Grove, Rockland, Wabuska, Weeks, Ft. Churchill State Park, Silver Springs, Lahontan Reservoir, Stagecoach, Dayton State Park, Dayton, Silver City, Gold Hill, Virginia City, Moundhouse, New Empire, Carson City, Stewart, Lakeview, Franktown, Bowers Mansion, Davis Creek Park, Washoe City, New Washoe City, Washoe Lake, Washoe Lake State Park, Pleasant Valley, Steamboat, and South Reno.

Part 8 (Southeast Nevada):  Goldfield, Tonopah, Warm Springs, Echo Canyon Reservoir, Rachel, Tempiute, Hiko, Key Pittman Wildlife Management Area, Nesbitt Lake, Crystal Springs, Ash Springs, Alamo, Caliente, Panaca, Bullionville, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Prince, Caselton Heights, Caselton, Bristol Wells, Atlanta, Pioche, Echo Canyon State Park, Ursene, Eagle Valley Reservoir in Spring Valley State Park, Kershaw-Ryan State Park, Elgin, Lyman Crossing, Carp, The Tule Desert, Riverside, Bunkerville, Mesquite, Glendale, Moapa, Logandale, Overton, Valley of Fire State Park, then at Lake Mead we'll see Overton Beach, Stewarts Point, Echo Bay, Callville Bay, and Las Vegas Bay.  Lake Las Vegas is next, then Henderson, Boulder City, Hoover Dam, Nelson, and Nelsons Landing near Lake Mohave.  114 Minutes -- 2010      DVD - $15.00 or $35 for the set of 3

Exploring Nevada #3 (Consists of Part 9 only)

Part 9 (Southwest Nevada):  Searchlight, Cottonwood Cove, Cal Nev Ari, Laughlin, Big Bend State Recreation Area, Nipton (CA), Primm, Jean, Goodsprings, Sandy Valley, Sloan, Arden, Mountain Springs, Blue Diamond, Bonnie Springs, Red Rock Canyon, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston, Desert View Overlook, Deer Creek Picnic Area, Mahogany Grove Campground,  Lower Lee Meadow, Upper Lee Meadow, McWilliams Campground, Dolomite Campground, Las Vegas Ski Resort, Indian Springs, Cactus Springs, Mercury, Johnnie, Pahrump, Death Valley Junction (CA), Armagosa Valley, Ash Meadows National Wildlife
Reserve, Devils Hole, Central Armagosa Valley, North Armagosa Valley, Carrara, Beatty, Rhyolite (Ghost Town), Springdale, Ghost Towns of Scottie's Junction, Ralston, and Gold Point.  Last we'll see Lida, Palmetto, Oasis (CA) and Dyer.  28 Minutes -- 2010      DVD - $15.00 or $35 for the set of 3



Historical Nevada:  This is a short partial tour of some of Nevada’s historic, scenic, and interesting places:  We’ll visit Cedarville and Eagleville, California; then in Nevada, we’ll see the ghost towns of Vya and Diessner.  Then on South through Gerlach and Empire to Pyramid Lake, Nixon and Reno; where we’ll see Harrah’s Auto Museum and the Animal Ark.

Next, we’ll visit Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Bordertown, Genoa, Minden, Gardnerville, Mason, Yearington, Ft. Churchill, Dayton, Silver City, Gold Hill, and Virginia City.

Last, we’ll visit the ghost towns of Ione, Berlin, and Hamilton.  At the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park we’ll see the fossilized remains of some 40-ton sea serpents.  Austin is a good-sized town on Nevada’s lonliest road; and on South we’ll see some Las Vegas tourist spots, then Red Rock Springs, and Bonnie Springs.  14 Minutes -- 2007      DVD - $12.00 ppd


Exploring Arizona #1 (Consists of Part 1 through 4)

Come and explore the entire state of Arizona.  We’ll try not to miss any town, ghost town, rock formation or place of interest.  These first 4 trips cover approximately 3,500 miles (This is a work in progress--there should more DVD’s later, the Lord willing).

Part 1  (Northwest Arizona):  We're starting at Littlefield, then Desert Springs, The Virgin River Gorge, Wolf Hole, Mt. Trumbull, Nampaweap Petroglyphs, Toroweap Ranger Station, Toroweap Point of the Grand Canyon, Colorado City, Hildale (Utah), Cane Beds, Pipe Spring, Kaibab, Moccasin, Fredonia, Kanab (Utah), Ryan, Big Springs, Grand Canyon's North Rim and Point Imperial, Jacob Lake, House Rock Overlook of the Vermillion Cliffs, Cliff Dwellers, Vermillion Cliffs (town), Marble Canyon, Lee's Ferry, Bitter Springs, Cedar Ridge, The Gap, Copper Mine, LeChee, and Page.

Part 2  (Northeast Arizona):  Lake Powell, Kaibito, Inscription House, Rainbow Lodge, Shonto, Cow Springs, Red Lake, Tonalea, Navajo National Monument, Tsegi, Kayenta, Monument Valley, Dennehotso, Tes Nes Iah, Mexican Water, Red Mesa, Teec Nos Pos, Four Corners, Emmanuel Mission, Sweetwater, Rock Point, Chilchinbito, Rough Rock, Many Farms and it's Lake, Valley Store, Round Rock Lukachukai, Red Rock, Cove, Yazzi, Ship Rock, Greasewood, Tsaile, Wheatfields and it's Lake, then Canyon de Chelly (Part 1).

Part 3  (Lower Northeast Arizona):  Canyon de Chelly, Part 2 (North and South Rims), Chinle, Cottonwood, Ghost Town of Salina, Black Mountain, Blue Gap, Smoke Signal, Low Mountain, Whipperwill, Pinion, Forest Lake, Hard Rocks, Rocky Ridge, Dinnebito,  and Coal Mine Mesa.  Then in the Hopi Reservation, we'll see Bacabi, Hotevilla, Old Araibi, Kykotsmovi, Sand Springs, Second Mesa, Shungopavi, Mishongnovi, Shiplovi, Polacca, Walpi, First Mesa, Five Houses, and Keams Canyon.  Back in the Navajo Nation again, we'll see Jeddito, White Cone, Toyei, Steamboat, Burnside, Cornfields, Sunrise Springs, Greasewood, Twin Buttes, Bitahochee, Indian Wells, Na Ah Tee, Dilkon, Cedar Springs, Teesto, Seba Dalkai, Castle Butte, Little Painted Desert County Park, Homolovi Ruins State Park, and Winslow.

Part 4  (East Central Arizona):  Sunrise, Leupp, Leupp Corner, Meteor Crater, Two Guns, Canyon Diablo, Twin Arrows, Angel, Winona, Doney Park, Timberline, Fernwood, Flagstaff, Lower Lake Mary, Upper Lake Mary, Mormon Lake, Happy Jack, Blue Ridge, Winslow, Joseph City, Holbrook, Sun Valley, Woodruff, The Petrified Forest, Adamana, Navajo, Chambers, Wide Ruins, Klagetoh, Gando, Gando Lake, Kinlichee, Cross Canyon, Nazalini, Sawmill, Ft. Defiance, Window Rock, St. Michaels, Hunters Point, Oak Springs, Painted Cliffs, Lupton, Indian City, Houck, Pine Springs, Cedar Point, Sanders, Witch Well, St. Johns, Lyman Lake State Park, and Concho.  1 Hour, 54 Minutes -- 2014        DVD - $15.00

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